Cellulite never discriminates its victims, both skinny and overweight individuals have it whether they engage in exercise or not. Cellulite is normal fat cells beneath the skin's surface that push against connective tissues causing the appearance of dimples in the skin. Gel-V removes these hard to reach areas by penetrating into the lower layers of the skin and smoothing them. The ingredients within our product don't just help you lose water retention, but also tone the skin. This solution allows for a permanent treatment since we are clearing the dimples from the subcutaneous layer to the surface of your skin.

Lose Inches

Lose Inches

Sometimes exercise and diet just don't help you shed off the extra fatty areas. Gel-V has assisted our clients lose those areas by simply massaging it onto the skin. Whether you're active or not, the all natural ingredients promote the loss of inches by diminishing the fatty white cells. The cold sensation provided by the menthol not only kill these fatty cells, but also energizes a reaction in your bodies brown cells which promote the loss of calories. The loss of these cells create size reduction in the applied areas especially when used in conjunction with our waist trimming belt. Don't kill yourself to get little to no results, let Gel-V fight your bad cells off forever.

Postpartum, Stretch Marks, Loose Skin

Postpartum, Stretch Marks and Loose Skin

Pregnancy brings great happiness to any expecting parents. However, most women experience large bodily changes in a short period of time causing flaccidity and stretch marks. After pregnancy, it may be difficult to picture your body ever returning to your pre-baby weight; until now that is! Gel-V has helped thousands of women get their body back into even better shape. Clients are encouraged to massage a spoonful of our gel in each desired area. Gel-V breaks down the white fat cells promoting weight loss, while the menthol within our product promotes toning. The combination of the all natural ingredients provides the strength needed to fade the stretch mark appearance. Gel-V has assisted in our new mommies dropping their one piece bikinis and confidently wearing a two piece; after all we are The South Beach Secret.




About Gel-V

Shhh... This is the Secret to the South Beach body.  

In 2013 fitness enthusiast Vanna Belt finally shared the secret to her skin's definition.

A natural formula created of active ingredients extracted from medicinal plants and natural resources combined to help smooth and tone the skin.

Gel-V®, now on the market to help both men and women achieve their fitness goals with a hypoallergenic product made completely of natural ingredients with only moderate diet and exercise. 



People sometimes think that they've had flaccidity and troubled areas for so long and that it's…
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Let go of what's gone, be grateful for what remains, and look forward to what is coming💋
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Becoming a mom is wonderful, but the after math of stretch marks and flaccidity is not. #gelv has…
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